Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gearing Up for Sunday Night Lve

In 5 days, Sunday Night Live begins. I am looking forward to it but I am also very nervous about the night. The nervousness comes because I am not sure what to expect.

For those of you who do not know, we are "moving" Sunday School from our Sunday morning schedule at Zion. They have been doing SS on Sunday morning for as long as anyone at the church can remember (probably over 100+ years, at least). We are moving it to Sunday night. Thus, Sunday Night Live is born.

So, September 20th begins a new era in the ministry of Zion. I do not have everything in place and it is not exactly what I want but it is a HUGHE step in the direction that I believe that we need to go and the direction that God wants us to go as we reach out to those that surround us.

There have been a few individuals that have questioned my sanity about moving or "cancelling" Sunday School. But for me, we had to try something new and different.

Right or wrong there were few individuals that shared interest that they might come out in the evening but there is no way that they were coming out at 10 am on a Sunday morning and some of it was because their parents would not get them there - they were sleeping.

I also think that by making the shift, it will make changing programming and implementing new ministries easier for us as a church and it will also free us up on Sunday mornings.

If you want to see a little bit about the ministry, you can check out SNL, here.

The list of things that I need to do before Sunday is extensive. However, at the same time, I am the least worried about "perfection", "smooth transitions", "all in place" and all that jazz. The reason ( I hope ) is that even though we are emphasing many aspects that we believe will help children, students and parents .... it all boils down to relationships and trying to create a place that we all can be ourselves and more often then not -- that is messy - not perfect and polished.

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