Friday, January 10, 2014

Aimate: Faith Series

Today, the Animate DVD came in. Thus, I have popped it into the computer and am listening to it as I write this article and do an ad for the study. We are going to use the study for our Thursday morning study at the Campus Religious Center on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University. Our ministry: Element 26 (Lutheran Campus Ministry) will be meeting for breakfast and then watching and discussing the series.

Here is the study:

January 23 - God | Faith is a Quest | Brian McLaren                                         

How can we chart a course through the often-murky waters of Christian tradition and find our way to God?

January 30 - Religion | Spirituality Is Not Enough | Lillian Daniel            

In this age of religious pluralism, is it possible or even desirable to stick with our age-old traditions?

February 6 - Jesus | The Revolution Of Love | Mark Scandrette                     

What does it mean to walk in the way of Jesus?

February 13 - Salvation | Abundant Life Now | Shane Hipps                          

The cross of Christ stands as a symbol of God’s saving work. But what, exactly, does it mean to be saved?

February 20 - Cross | Where God Is | Nadia Bolz-Weber                                                     

Our theories about the cross tell us as much about ourselves and our view of God as they do about Jesus and salvation.

February 27 - Bible | A Book Like No Other| Lauren Winner                         

Why read the Bible?

March 6 - Church| An Imperfect Family | Bruce Reyes-Chow                          

What does it mean to commit ourselves to the church family, for better or for worse?

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