Friday, January 03, 2014

My Three Words

Three Words.

In a few different circles, I have seen individuals promoting 3 words. Each one of them is doing it in a very different format. I decided that I am going to choose three words and then develop 2014 around those three words. I am not being creative as many of them: using abstract words. However, I am using three w's even though I did not intentionally seek to use the same letter. The three words: wellness, writing and wisdom.

Word One: Wellness

The ELCA has been using the "spiritual wheel" for awhile. With wellness being one of my words; it was only an obvious choice (a wise choice - more on that in word three) to use the wheel. There are six components of the spiritual wheel:

- Social
- Emotional
- Physical
- Financial
- Vocational
- Intellectual

It is hope that I can improve my wellness in all these areas.

Word Two: Writing

I have never really been a good writer. I have never really invested much time and energy into it. Writing for me has always been limited to school reports, newsletter articles, a little blogging and not much more. However, in 2014, I want to focus on writing. I am not making any major goals: writing a blog every day or attempting to get a book published. However, I want to be more intentional in writing and sharing views and sparking conversation. I also want to try to use my writing to be more of an advocate. There are multiple places where a voice needs to be lifted up.

Word Three: Wisdom

Luke 2:52 - And Jesus kept on growing—in wisdom

In the past, when I led children/family ministry; we used 252 Basics and Wisdom is one of the key phrases that they use. 252 Basics is based off of Luke 2:52. So, maybe, I am going back to my childhood. In all seriousness, here is the definition of wisdom:

the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

So, in 2014, I want to make good judgment in all areas of my life. I will need to have wisdom in making wellness and writing to occur. I will need wisdom in my daily life as I navigate my vocational waters of youth ministry and campus ministry. Thus, I want to have wisdom in my mind so as I go through my daily life, I can make wise choices.

There we go, my three words. Now it is time to place these four pictures up on my wall, so I can be reminded of them everyday that I am in the office.

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