Friday, September 28, 2012

What A Week

It is Friday and another week is in the books. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. It has been an unbelievable week that has been filled from sunrise to sunset.

Sunday was a great day of worship and then after worship, I jumped over to the university to watch some football. After an hour or so of football watching, I headed back to the church to prepare for the Theological Conference. I joined 150 +/- pastors in Alexandria for 3 days of training and worship.

Then on Wednesday, we came back to a full evening of confirmation and high school ministry. In confirmation, I am a huddle leader for a 6th grade group. For our high school ministry, we had 11 high school students and we begin to throw out ideas for ministry and for our summer trip. Belize is jumping to the top.

On Thursday, it was catch up day for the church and the university with being out of the office for the first three days. I then went over to Esther's Kitchen (community dinner) for supper before I headed back to the church for our new members class.

Today was a little low key. I was in the church office for awhile and now I am over at the university (Campus Religious Center). The Cathloic Campus Ministry is here cooking desserts. Tonight, I am headed to the Marshall high school football game and then I am headed back to the center for a university game night.

What a week.

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