Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Intergenerational Ministry

In many of my interviews, I have been happy to see many churches talking about inter-generational ministries. For most, it is a dream and a goal for them; many have not moved in that direction, because they are not sure how or they are affraid that if they do; they will lose families because it will not be as "attractional".

This morning, I received an article from churchleaders via my email that tackles the subject. I want to encourage you to go over there and read the article: Bridge The Gap. Kurt Johnson shares some practical advice on how we can build a bridge between the two cultures and then make the bridge smaller.

Far too long, in my opinion, we have built silos and are proud of them. But, I believe silos are very dangerous to church life. However, if you are going to attempt to tear the silos down; be prepared that there will be many that will not appreciate seeing the silos come down. The main reason, if you do ministry via silos; you can measure success a little easier and the end results (numbers) can come faster.

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