Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Much .....

Life is definitely not settling down. It has been crazy.

Here are a few things things on the burner:

Church Vote

On Sunday, we will be having our church vote. Overall, it has been quiet at the church about the vote. We will be taking a look at whether we will stay in the ELCA or the NALC. I have no clue which direction the vote will go. It seems to depend on who you talk to. At times, I think that we will definitely stay in the ELCA. Then at times, I go; the votes will be there for us to begin the process to make the switch.


Stacey and me have finished up all of our foster care classes and I have taken one of two adoption classes. Stacey was unable to take it due to illness. So, she will need to do a make up. Yesterday, I had a meeting with caseworkers to see about where we are in the process. I am still trying to keep some of it quiet. When more details come out, I will then share. One of the key components is the home-study. Our homestudy was done 3 weeks ago, but they are still waiting for some documentations and they thought that they were waiting for some of the references to come back. However, they were in; they were "misplaced". our caseworker said she is approving the study. Thus, her supervisor needs to sign off and it needs to be turned into the home-finders unit.


Ministry is going well. It is very busy with Roots, Crosstrainers and Oasis. after 4 months, I believe that i am settling in with the students and adults leaders. I am looking forward to the journey ahead. There is some hesistancy as the vote looms and I am not sure if there will be some who leave depending on the vote; that is kind of an odd feeling.


The kids have adjusted greatly and are doing fantastic in school. The fall sports are complete and the winter sports are under-away. The boys are playing basketball. Bethany is taking a sports break but has connected up with a Brownie 9Girl Scout) troop.

More later ....

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