Thursday, September 16, 2010

30-Hour Journey

It was a whirlwind 30 +/- hours. Here we go ....

- drive to Ohio (4 hours)
- sleep (7 hours)
- wake up / kids at old school (1 hour)
- at judges offices trying to reclaim some items (1 hour)
- wayne county fair (3 hours)
- wayne county child services (1 hour)
- back at kids old school (1 hour)
- visiting the Baker children (3 hours)
- wayne county fair (3 hours)
- drive back to Indy (4 hours)

There was a few breaths in there in between. It was very busy but yet fun. It was great for the kids to see old frioends at school and have fun at the fair. It was awesome to see the kids (Bakers).

The bad thing, no camera to take pics of the events.

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