Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Trip

We had a good time this past weekend. We drove over to Columbus, Indiana on Friday and we spent Friday and Saturday night at the Hotel Indigo. This "limited" chain is fantastic. It is truly a great hotel to stay at. If you are traveling and there is one in the town/city that you are headed to, take a look at it.

The reason for Columbus was that it is about 20 mins east of Nashville, Indiana and that was our day-destination. We went over there and looked at the shops and Stacey and the kids picked out items. There were a few things that "tempted" me but I am did not want to spend the money.

The kids loved the pool at the hotel and they "adored" Miles, the hotel dog.

Besides relaxing together as a family, we had the opportunity to eat out each meal and we chose local places or mini-chains that are not in our area.

It was a great 60-hours. I am rested (a little) and this week, it will be time to work on and develop some of my thoughts for a specifically target 6-8 grade ministry.

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