Sunday, March 28, 2010

WVU: Final Four

WVU is going to the Final Four and even though I picked them to go to the Final Four, I am stunned and shocked. I still have a hard time believing that they are this good. Of course, I should have believed Huggins.

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Bob Huggins wants to give something special to West Virginia and isn't ready to celebrate just yet. (Jim McIsaac / Getty Images)

Dan Wetzel from Yahoo sums it up in the following manner:

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – On his first day as coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers in 2007, Bob Huggins told his team he was here to deliver a national championship to the school and the state he loves so dear.

That was it. That was the goal. All or nothing; a standard that clashed with history (no Final Four appearances since 1959), logic (no in-state recruiting base) and geography (West Virginia is one of our smallest, poorest states).

Bob Huggins wants to give something special to West Virginia and isn't ready to celebrate just yet.

“Why can other people say it and we can’t,” Huggins argued.

So there was Huggs up on a make-shift, mid-court NCAA stage Saturday night. The NCAA East Regional trophy was in one hand, mighty Kentucky was in its locker room weeping from a 73-66 defeat and the stands were full of West Virginians singing, “Country Roads.”

It was a heck of a moment, perhaps the greatest in the program’s history. Yet he wasn’t about to get all sentimental or satisfied at making some measly Final Four. After thanking the people of West Virginia he got right to it.

“I talk to these guys about being special,” Huggins said. “Two more would really be special.”

WVU is two games away from being National Champions, can they do it ? In my mind, I go NO WAY. In my heart, I go, I hope so. Of course, I have doubted them all season and they keep proving me wrong. They won the Big East Conference Championship and made it into the Final Four by defeating Kentucky, a team that many thought was poised to win it, especially after Kansas got bounced in the second round.

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