Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I do not feel that I am able to do it here in this space anymore and it is making me a little frustrated. It is tough to pin-point.

The last week was an interesting week. Stacey and myself celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We did not do anything major, we went out to dinner. My parents came over and watched the kids, which was really nice.

It was great to have a nice mexican meal while chatting. We had the opportunity to just sit and talk and there were some things that we needed to chat about.

Sunday Night Live is ever-changing. It is different every week and we are continually evaluating and deciding what it is and what it is going to become. It has been a great adventure over the last 6-months. I really need to write more about that and have this as a "walk to remember" for me and the ministry.

Looking ahead, 8 days till the tournament begins. I am going to take a day on Thursday to go and have some ribs, wings and a drink and enjoy the games.

More Later.


'neice said...

I will BE at the West opener! It's in my building! We are soooo excited!

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Doorman-Priest said...

Now you're going to be famous, can I have your autograph?