Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very Odd ... Stat Tracker

I only have a few handfuls of people that check in my blog, but occasionally, I get "spikes". Sometimes, these spikes are amusing over why the came here. Here is a sample: the photo is small but if you click on it, it will come bigger.

On Sunday, July 26 (typically a slow day - om 7/19, I had 5 hits), I had 83 hits with 130 pageviews (110 were the same post) and the next day, Monday the 27th, I had 9 hits. All the hits came from a 2007 post on born again lazy .... weird I tell you.

In case your curious, here are the top 4 posts (reviewed)

# 1 - William Paul Interview

# 2 - Badaboomz-Ale-House-Grill

# 3 - Gandhi-Christianity

# 4 - Ray-Boltz-Out-Of-Closet

My highest day by far was on November 5th, 2008 with 185 hits and they were almost all on my Ale House Grill post, a cook linked to me because of the burger.

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