Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 1,000

I have had numerous blogs before Thoughts From Jeff but a couple of years ago, I switched to Thoughts From Jeff for the "catch all" of most things. In the blog, I throw everything in here and that drives people crazy because they never know what to expect.

I am logged in tonight/this morning from New Orleans. i was going to make a post on The Gathering and share a few thoughts about The Gathering and New Orleans and as I did that, I noticed that this will be my 1,000 post on this blog, so I decided to make a note of that - not that many people care about it.

I am going to put a video up that is poor quality - a great thing to do on my 1,000 post; right ???

The video is from the Skillet concert that ended a few hours ago. The song is called Last night and it is a very powerful song. As mentioned, the quality is pretty bad. I "filmed" it on my old camera that is not meant for videos of this sort.

However, I wanted to show it because of the pyro and the excitement that you can see of the 37,000 people that are at the gathering. I am at over 500 photos already. I am not sure what I am going to do with getting some of them on the blog. They are all loaded on facebook if you are there and a friend of mine. Maybe, I will do my Top 20 when I get home.

I am looking forward to tomorrow - it is Cafe Du Monde morning. Yum.

I am out, I should have done something fancy for this post, like my top 10 posts of all times .. but that is too much work :)

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Doorman-Priest said...

Look we ALL know that your top ten posts are all from my blog.