Friday, January 09, 2009

The Gators Win


I love SEC football and I am a huge fan of TEBOW.


To my "Big 12" folks, wow, it was a rough bowl season for you. Oh, I know that you were 4-3 but, come on ....

3 of those 4 wins were against the Big 10 (who was 1 and 6) and the other one was against Clemson. You were 0-3 against the SEC and PAC 10. Texas Tech and Oklahoma, if you played in the SEC you would be at least 3-loss teams.

Yeah, I know that with me living in the SEC for 10 years, I am bias but c'mon, admit it; they can play and they outplay you on a regular basis.

I will tip my hat to Oklahoma, they played a great game but they played a great game and still lost by 10. Maybe next year, you can stop your losing streak - 5 straight BCS games.

Ohhh, I hear you that you say, "hey, at least we make it to the BCS game". That is true, congrats. One last stab though *cough*, you would not make it to the BCS games if you played in the SEC.

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