Monday, January 21, 2013

Hearty Taco Soup

On January 21st, 2013, we had Hearty Taco Soup for Lutheran Campus Ministry Dinner & Discussion. The picture above is the soup cooking. Below is the recipe that I created and used. Feel free to use/share. If you do not mind, I would appreciate you citing the recipie.

The base:

29 oz Tomato Sause
29 oz Tex-Mex Diced Tomatoes
14.5 oz diced size tomatoes w/ green chilies
14.5 oz Chili Beans with Cumin/Cayne sause
14.5 oz of black beans (drained)
14.5 oz of dark red beans (drained)
14.5 oz Black Eyed Peas (drained)
14.5 oz of Mexican corn (drained)
14.5 oz Hoppin John (Blackeyed Peas, tomato, onions, and jalepenos)
1 package of spicy ranch

Then for the meat:

3 separate 1 lb of ground beef and 4 oz of season blend cooked

- one w/ original
- one with cheese
- one with hot

The three meats added to the base.

Served over corn chips and topped with a 4 cheese blend and sour cream

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