Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Ice Water --- NOW !!!

A few days ago, I was on a mission trip with our pre-teens. We joined four other churches and overall it was a grerat experience. Here is a picture of our team:

The group is not what I first expected. I thought that we would be taking 15-20 students from our 5-6 grade ministry. But, that did not happen. However, what did occur was that we took three families and having three families do a trip together was awesome.

Now, onto the free water.

On Wednesday, we decided to go and get some ice cream at the local place to get the best ice cream intown. When we went in to the store, we were the only ones there. We were ordering for us and we were also treating the 4 staff members back at the church, so we had 11 ice cream orders to fill. There was one teenage worker in the store and she did fantastic putting all 11 orders together. We decided to make life easy on her to put it all on one ticket. Honestly, I think it was the obvious church.

While we were in there, another church group came in. They all had their money out individually and was very apprehensive while we were in there. As soon as our oder was complete, we exited the store and went back to the church.

Thirty minutes later, I hear an adult minister complain about the teenager who was working the same store. He was upset because he wanted a free water and she would not give it to him (store policy). Now, I will also remind you that he was the one leading the group that was paying individually, he did not order a thing and they sold water bottles for .69 cents (I do believe). It was hot out and he could not believe they would not give out free water and he let her know about it.

As I listened to the story from a distance, my heart broke. A minister lamblasted a teenager for following store policy. I could not let it go. I went to worship time with my group and after the worship experience, I excused myself.

I went down to the ice cream store where she was still working and the store was still hopping. I waited in line and when it was my turn, I said to her:

Thank-you for serving us so graciously earlier. I heard about what happended after we left with the water, is it true. She confirmed. I said, I want to apologize on their behalf and for the trouble that they gave you, I want to give you a tip.

She was speechless and grateful.

I am amazed at times how rude we can be to others and it breaks my heart that it is fellow ministers who are the cause of pain at times; to me it is unexcuseable.

I did not spend time with her to hear her story because of how busy she was. I am not sure if she is a followe of Christ or not. But, I cannot imagine what her thoughts may be when she got a rude awakening from a minister.

Think before you speak and act ---- anytime. Not to mention when you are on a mission trip.

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