Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rollercoaster: Serving In Indy

One of the things that I committed to doing when we moved to indianapolis was serving the city. My family lives in the city (technicaaly). We have an Indianapolis address and live in one of the townships but we live outside the belt.

Our church is in the NE suburb of Indianapolis. Thus, I have tried to connect our students to the city and help meet the needs of the city.

Well, this week was an interesting week and to me, it was a rollercoast experience. Unfortunately, it is the end of the week and I flew down the hill after a few "high" experiences.

Monday: i went to the Men's shelter with a few of my 6th graders and we served a meal and helped clean up. I also had the opportunity to listen to Shawn share his story.

Tuesday: My family went down to one of the local churches downtown who runs an afterschool program for one of the Indianapolis Public School. They only had a few kids there but it was great to read to them, eat with them, play uno and just share with them. I have been there a few times and there are two students there that I think that I am connecting with.

Wednesday: I met with the volunteer coordinator for our local refugee organization. I think that this will be a great opportunity for us as a church to connect and "adopt" a family. We should really know more about how we will connect early next month.

Today: We have been "kicked off" the volunteer list at the women's shelter because we did not meet our commitment today and they can no longer count on us. This makes me sad. We should be able to make the commitment.

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