Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost A Month

Well, it has been almost a month since I have posted here. i need to place my facebook statuses over here. Making a 140 charachter response via the phone is so much easier then logging on to a computer and putting thoughts down here.

It has been a very busy month as I have made the transition to the new church. things are going fantastic. In week 1, my focus was the Sr High Curriculum and we have that mapped out for the school year (Aug - May). The second week was dedicated to Confirmation. We are making some changes in the curriculum to hopefully create more of a flow while emphasizing the strengths of the existing program. In between the curriculum prep, I was meeting with various staff and ministry leaders. In week 3, I was in Puerto Rico with 18 students and 4 other adults. Here are a few pics:

Our group inside the rain forest

A few of the students at a roadside stand getting canapas - the love to eat them and to throw them

The beach a few blocks from the hotel we stayed at going in and out of the country

View from Old San Juan

One of our youth taking a break on the worksite when she found an animal friend.

While there, we participated in a local kids club, worked at a Salvation Army, helped at a Juvenile Retention Center, attended local church services and helped with a few work projects at a local school academy.

If I get my act together, more on the trip later.

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