Monday, May 24, 2010

Ministry Transition

For those of you that have not heard, we are making a ministry change. The decision to uproot our family and move was not an easy one. It was a decision that we struggled and wrestled with. However, as I talked to ministry colleagues, friends and had many talks with God; it seemed that the door to transition and to "end" one chapter of our life and begin a "new" chapter in our life was abundantly clear.

I am extremely excited to be heading over to Fishers, Indiana (Greater Indianapolis) and begin working/partnering with Christ The Savior Lutheran Church.

The vision / mission / ministry of CTS is extremely exciting and something that resonates with my heart. Here it is:

Our Vision
It is the vision of Christ the Savior Lutheran Church to be AWAKENed, united and growing in Christ

Awaken to Serve Christ
I will seek to serve Christ personally in the following ways:

A lways serve
W orship Christ
A bundantly give
K now scripture
E ncourage other and
N ever cease praying

Our Mission
Reaching people to know, love and serve Christ.

Our Ministry
We gather peoplel to magnify our Lord.
We welcome people to membership in God's family.
We disciple people to maturity in Christ.
We equip people for ministry in the Church.
We empower people for mission in the world.

Later on in the week, I am going to "break-down" what these three mean to me and why they resonate with me so much and what I believe that they will mean for me as I am working with the Youth and Families of the church.

I will also be putting up some pics of our new home and then as it is painted and Stacey puts her decorative touches to it; those will definitely be shared.

The Move

My last Sunday will be June 27th. I will then pick up a 26-ft van on Monday morning (28th) and we will toss the bulky stuff into it and I will drive it over / unload it / drive the van back - 4.5 hours each way. Then on Tuesday, we will pack everything else into the van and crash at our friends (family) home. We will then get up on the 30th and drive over and unpack the van. I will then be in the office the next day.

That week is going to be long, but the 5 weeks leading up to it with packing, prepping for the move, making sure transitions are in place, mission trip to Virginia, family reunion in West Virginia, and two trips to Indy for prep work on that side, will make it a very long month.

But we are looking forward to it. To my Woo friends, you have meant the world to me over the last 3 years. I look forward to continuing our friendship through social media and jaunts - both ways - with us only being 4 hours away; you rock.

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Kent said...

Welcome back to Indiana. I hope you and the family are doing good and enjoy your new home.