Friday, January 08, 2010

Alabama Wins

The hit that sealed the victory

Texas QB Garrett Gilbert fumbles the ball as he is hit by Alabama linebacker Eryk Anders in the fourth quarter.

From the AP, on the sack and fumble:

Alabama 24, Texas 21.

The game that was seemingly lost was now a three-point contest. The Texas defense held again. Alabama punted and with 3:14 remaining, Garrett Gilbert walked out on the field, the same field he played so poorly on, huddled up his teammates, the same ones who couldn’t be faulted in doubting his ability, and told them they were about to drive down the field to either tie or win the BCS title game.

“We’re going to take it down there,” Gilbert said.

They believed him.

From the sideline McCoy saw the blitz coming from Gilbert’s blind side. Gilbert said he felt it too. Alabama linebacker Eryk Anders was coming fast, faster than Gilbert realized. Anders crushed Gilbert, springing the ball loose. For a split second, before he got buried into the turf, Gilbert saw the comeback, the game, the championship bounce away.

He prayed one of his guys would get it. They didn’t. Alabama did on Texas’ 3-yard line. A few plays later the Tide scored. Later they scored again. The game ended with Alabama taking a knee and Nick Saban getting a Gatorade bath and a crimson-and-white confetti shower.


It was a great game and I am glad that the boys and me got to stay up till 12:30 in the morning watching it. Jacob was a hoot to watch at times, he was really rooting for Alabama ----- when we moved to Alabama, he quickly picked them as his team.

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