Friday, August 14, 2009


A few individuals came me that advice today via facebook and they are absolutely right that I need to breathe. I also need to pick-up my morning walk (maybe not as early or as far). I need tothink and clear out the mind a little and create some "space".

There is change in the air or at least steps to make changes that will occur in 37 days and there is a lot to do before it happens. In a sense, I am not really worried about that because I think that it will com all together just like VBS but here is hesitation in my step and I need to have that removed.

There are a few quotes that are pouncing my head and I am going to blog about them the next week. The first one will be the following:

Your direction, not your intentions will determine your destination.

I believe for us to end up where e want/need to be then our direction needs to change.

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Mark (under construction) said...

Walks are good for clearing the air and thinking.